BLSA concentrates its efforts on the following strategic priorities for South Africa

1. Skills

Appropriate to support business growth

2. Responsive economic policy

Trade, industrial and competition policy should support development of a competitive business sector.

3. Policy and regulatory certainty

Businesses should be able to plan for the long term with clear visibility of the regulatory environment.

4. Effective & efficient network industries

A low cost environment with excellent services from network industries

5. Positive international relations

South African business should be welcomed by major trading partners in the West and East

6. Sustainable fiscus

Government finances should be sustainable, with positive credit ratings.

7. Capable state

Government should be able to implement policy efficiently and effectively.

8. Effective public services

People and businesses should receive quality services from local and national government.

9. Safety & security

rule of law Businesses should be confident that the rule of law is upheld and that people are safe and secure

10. Social stability

Society should have a stake in a conducive environment, with high employment.