State Capture must be defeated – BLSA CEO, Bonang Mohale

06/05/2019 | By Admin

South Africa’s economy is reeling from state capture while unemployment sits at 27%.

Business Leadership South Africa chief executive officer, Bonang Mohale, says whichever party wins the elections must rid the country of corruption.

He was speaking on POWER Business on Thursday.

“As Business Leadership SA we are apolitical. It doesn’t matter which party emerges victorious, what we are clear about is whoever is going to be in charge after the 8 May 2019 must help us defeat state capture because it is stealing disproportionately from the poor.

“We need to see the benefits of transformation.”

He says the face of business, ownership and positions of leadership must look typically South African.

“We need to retain the few jobs that we have to create jobs in large numbers.”

He says 17 million on social security is unsustainable considering the number of taxpayers.

“The economy must grow. Rating agencies are looking for economic, financial and institutional strength.”