Introduction: Eyes and Ears Initiative – Constantly growing

28/11/2022 | By Admin

The Eyes and Ears Initiative (E2) is a joint crime fighting initiative between Business Against Crime South Africa (BACSA), the South African Police Service (SAPS) and hundreds of willing private security companies and information service providers. It provides a coherent communication platform and formal framework for these partners to work together to fight crime.  

The large geographical footprint of the private partners enables countrywide collection of real-time incident data. Substantiated live information from these incidents is shared with the police in their control centres. Available private sector resources such as vehicles, helicopters, cameras, drones and personnel are made available to E2 for reaction – within the legal framework.

Technology, such as automatic number plate recognition cameras and systems, closed-circuit television and artificial intelligence systems, play an important role in E2 and in the fight against crime.

The Business Fusion Monitoring Centre was established on 1 August 2021 to assist with the effective processing and understanding of the vast amounts of information received. The purpose of the centre is to maintain and establish a platform to gather, analyse and disseminate information through a collaborative approach among businesses and between businesses and the SAPS, with the goal of maximising the ability to detect, prevent, investigate and respond to criminal activity on a national level.

E2 is currently operating in all nine provinces and BACSA and the SAPS are analysing the expansion of E2’s mandate to extend to rural safety.

BLSA executive programme manager Fouché Burgers gives a brief explanation of what the Eyes and Ears Initiative (E2) is: