Covid-19 as a window of opportunities for solutions

19/11/2020 | By Admin

The Covid-19 crises may have crippled our economy, but the setbacks create opportunities for solutions. The pandemic has been tough, but our resilience as a nation is tougher. Progressive business is what will power our progress out of this pandemic.

What business needs now is to ADAPT, INNOVATE and THRIVE. As Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA), we engage key players in South African society, including government and civil society, to exchange ideas on how to create a more prosperous and inclusive economy.

We aim to drive sustained economic growth in South Africa, by driving the prosperity of high-potential companies.

BLSA believes in the power of business to build national prosperity – and in turn, address poverty, unemployment, economic injustice and transformation. We believe that as business leaders, we can come together to champion business as a national asset.

So, we’re here to drive the business success that drives our national economy. Join us and our partners in our pursuit of national prosperity.

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