Business commits to job creation and fighting state capture

11/09/2017 | By Admin

The CEO of Business Leadership SA (BLSA)‚ Bonang Mohale‚ has committed the business community to transformation‚ job creation‚ inclusive growth and the fight against the “deceitful” white monopoly capital campaign.

Speaking at the launch held in Alexandra‚ Johannesburg‚ Mohale said the business community in South Africa is committed to economic transformation.

BLSA made a historic six point contract with South Africa on Wednesday aimed at prioritising job creation‚ inclusive economic growth‚ empowering black business and crushing corruption.

The contract committed the South African business community to: – Create jobs by growing the economy; – Encourage and empower senior black leadership; – Invest in South Africans; – Invest in communities; – Support small businesses; and – Condemn and root out corruption.

“Business believes in South Africa. South Africa’s future and our future as businesses are inseparable. We want the transformation so many in this country need so desperately. We share the values set out in its constitution. And we say humbly: we want to play our part in ensuring that South Africa works for everyone. “We are fighting back against the falsehoods of the White Monopoly Capital campaign and we are asserting business as a positive force in the life of this country. “Too many people are still living low quality lives – denied the fair chance that Madiba demanded on their behalf. Too often the dream of an equal South Africa has been betrayed. Our society continues to be ravaged by unemployment‚ poverty‚ nepotism and corruption‚” Mohale said.

Mohale and Nicky Newton-King‚ CEO of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)‚ signed the contract on behalf of the BLSA board and council. He warned South Africans of the dangers of state capture.

“Corruption and state capture are the cancers eating away at this society. We cannot create the conditions for inclusive growth in the face of state capture and corruption. Everyone who cares about this country must cry‚ not in my name wherever they see evidence of corruption‚ whether in the public or private sector.” But Mohale conceded that there were areas where the business community was not doing well but pointed out that the bigger problem was in government.

“We cannot grow our economy when these are the cancers eating away at our country. They must be rooted out and crushed‚” he said‚ referring to corruption and state capture. “Only by upholding this contract that we have made today‚ will we ensure that the South Africa of Nelson Mandela’s dream – where everyone prospers – will become a reality‚” concluded Mohale.

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