Membership to Business Leadership South Africa is granted on application, or by invitation from the Board, based on certain criteria approved by the Council as a whole.

Criteria include market capitalisation, gross assets, sectorial and/or geographic factors, and broadening representation, which may include multinational corporations. We encourage business leaders (CEOs) who share our vision and beliefs for a prosperous South Africa to apply for membership.

Membership of BLSA shall consist of major South African corporations. The board shall determine what constitutes a major South African corporation from time to time; determination must be approved by the council by a majority vote to be operational as a criterion for membership.

In determining what constitutes a major South African corporation the board, and in approving such determination, the council, may have regard to such criteria or combination of criteria which it in its discretion, deems appropriate, including without limitation ‘market capitalisation’, ‘gross assets’, sectorial’ and/or ‘geographic’ factors.

Membership may either be granted on application to or by invitation from the board, provided that prior approval of membership from the council is obtained.

To facilitate broader representation of BLSA, the board may invite recognised major multinational corporations to become members of BLSA, provided prior approval is obtained from the council.

For more information and to apply for membership, please email: