Press release: BLSA accepts resignation of Bain from membership

18/01/2022 | By Admin

BLSA has noted the decision of consulting firm Bain to withdraw its membership.

We reaffirm BLSA’s commitment to ensuring that all those involved in state capture are appropriately held to account. We hope that as a society we can collectively direct our attention to seeking justice and amends for the damage to our country during the years of state capture and reforming our institutions to ensure it never happens again.

BLSA is widely active in supporting our institutions to recover following the years of state capture. Through Business Against Crime we work alongside our social partners to support the criminal justice system. We remain committed to supporting further capacity building where we can.

Our goal is to contribute to raising the ethical standards of business. To that end, our members are all subject to our integrity pledge which prioritises the fight against corruption. We will continue to lead by example and support the fight against corruption alongside our social partners.

For further information, please contact Matumelo Mthimkhulu at