Media Statement: BLSA statement on the Phala Phala panel

01/12/2022 | By Admin

01 December 2022

Media Statement: BLSA statement on the Phala Phala panel

BLSA has been dedicated to supporting the restoration of the rule of law in South Africa and that has been illustrated by the significant amount of resources and support that BLSA has spent in this regard.

The Section 89 Independent Panel appointed by Parliament to investigate the conduct of President Cyril Ramaphosa has done its work without fear or favour. This is a positive sign of the health of our democracy and its institutions, and we welcome the report. We note its findings that the president may have violated certain parts of the constitution and a section of the Prevention and Combatting of Corrupt Activities Act.

However, we see it as highly positive that the appropriate steps have been taken to investigate allegations. It is now important that our institutions are supported in concluding investigations and if appropriate further actions are taken to prosecute or otherwise impose appropriate consequences without fear or favour. We would also like to call on all the other organs of state who are working on this matter to conclude their processes and come forward with their findings.

We have seen significant progress from rebuilding the prosecuting authorities through to the governance of state-owned enterprises. This remains a work in progress. The conduct of the president is important in this regard and we expect the President will be committed to working with the relevant authorities to enable their investigations. It is critical that the rule of law is upheld and justice prevails. We fully support the call by the panel for appropriate investigation to be undertaken by the appropriate authorities.

BLSA will continue to stand resolutely in support of the rule of law and we call on all stakeholders in South Africa to do so too. It is only by ensuring our institutions have maximum integrity that we will be able to ensure South Africa becomes the country we all strive for it to be.



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