It Is Time to Save The Office of the Public Protector

06/08/2019 | By Admin

The Office of the Public Protector (OPP) is one of the cornerstones of our constitutional democracy that should be beyond reproach. Millions of South Africans – directly and indirectly – have found recourse from this office, and those in power have been kept in check over the years.

It is with this context that Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA) is concerned about the recent rulings and pronouncements by different courts, including the Constitutional Court that have been very unfavourable and often scathing of the OPP.

These court cases, rulings, and pronouncements cannot instil confidence and they send worrying messages to business, investors as well as all South Africans who regard our constitution highly, as we all should.

BLSA, therefore, calls on necessary steps to be taken to correct this malady as we believe this situation cannot continue unresolved. Parliament must act with urgency to strengthen and restore confidence in this office.

On the issue of party political funding, we urge President Cyril Ramaphosa and all those who contested the ANC presidency in 2017 to take South Africa into their confidence and be transparent about their funding.