Integrity Pledge

23/08/2017 | By Admin

Corruption is eroding our Constitution, threatening our Sovereignty, and undermining inclusive growth and our economic development. The perpetrators, whether public officials or private parties, almost always require business counterparts. Therefore, among the broader business, are some of the facilitators of these activities. Business complicity in corruption, whether witting or unwitting, betrays public trust in us, and undermines democratic values.

We will not tolerate this. As business, we are determined to play our part in preventing and defeating corruption, to reaffirm honesty, respect for the rule of law, accountability, transparency and putting South Africa first. To achieve this, we shall act with courage, integrity and consistency.

We shall actively combat corrupt practices wherever we encounter them.
We shall actively and timeously report to all relevant authorities all individuals and entities on whose part there is reasonable suspicion of corruption. We shall similarly report all attempts and invitations to engage in corruption. We shall have no engagement with associated parties, including facilitators, introducers, sub-contractors or other closely connected persons whose reward is incommensurate with legitimate value provided.

We shall not act anti-competitively.
We shall not engage in collusion, market division or customer allocation with our competitors. We shall not engage in collusive or fraudulent tendering or contracting of any kind. We shall cooperate fully with the authorities in any such investigations.

We shall have zero tolerance for corruption in our own midst.
We shall neither offer, nor accept, bribes, inducements or facilitations of any kind. We shall abide by the letter and spirit of the law and regulations in all jurisdictions in which we operate.

We shall protect whistleblowers and provide information.
Whistleblowers, also from within our midst, will be protected. We shall on a voluntary and timely basis provide all information required by the authorities to combat corruption. Where there is a reasonable evidence of corruption, we shall engage independent investigators and act on their recommendations. We shall be honest in our dealings with the media and the public.