Business Against Crime South Africa has a new home in the Atrium on 5th

06/09/2017 | By Admin

Sandton City’s owners are pleased to welcome BACSA into the Sandton Precinct!

Renowned NGO, Business Against Crime South Africa, which was established in 1996, is committed to the fight against crime in the country. Their vision is to be the Government’s principal strategic partner in anchoring both a significant and sustainable decrease in crime to achieve the long-desired safe, secure South Africa.

“We are overwhelmed with the hospitality received from Sandton City, the Atrium on 5th, and from its owners.  We have important work to do and working from a 4 Star, Green Rated office environment with city views forms a good synergy for our team. The Atrium On 5th puts us in the heart of the business capital of South Africa – how fitting”, stated BACSA Acting CEO Billy Graham.

Sandton City’s owners, Liberty Two Degrees, Liberty Group Limited, and Pareto Limited, are proud to be welcoming BACSA into their newly remodelled Atrium On 5th office building.

Jonathan Sinden, Liberty Two Degrees’ Asset Management Executive for Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square commented, “When BACSA were seeking new premises, we thought that the relocation of the organisation’s Head Office to Sandton City – Africa’s business and financial hub and the new Johannesburg CBD for all intents and purposes – would be appropriate”.

“This move is strategic and symbolic for a number of reasons, BASCA was established at the request of former President and hero, Nelson Mandela, who wished for Business Against Crime to join forces with the Government in eradicating crime. The symbolism of BACSA being located a stone’s throw away from Nelson Mandela Square is undeniable” said Billy Graham.

Furthermore, the NGO’s longstanding partnership with the Liberty Group breeds familiarity and content through synergetic goals of sustainability, especially with the Atrium On 5th’s 4-star Green rating and its environmentally-friendly sentiment.

“The inclusion of BACSA’s relocation into the Atrium On 5th further reinforces Sandton City’s Owners’ objectives of providing and maintaining a safer environment for their consumers, tenants and co-workers alike”, said Sinden.