BLSA reiterates its call for an independent judicial commission of inquiry

22/05/2017 | By Admin

Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA) reiterates its call for an independent judicial commission of inquiry into allegations of state capture and welcomes the ANC’s National Executive Committee (NEC) support for its establishment. BLSA today emphasised that to ensure the independence of the Commission, the Chief Justice should appoint the judge and determine the terms of reference.

Without such a role for the Chief Justice, the Commission would not be considered independent.

BLSA notes the suggestion that the Commission should broaden its scope to encompass other state institutions and business in general. There is abundant evidence that a small group of individuals have gained sufficient influence over the political leadership of South Africa to enable their unfettered access to the organs and assets of the State for the purpose of self-enrichment. In so doing they have systematically compromised numerous political and government office bearers over decades, thereby eroding our democracy and sovereignty.

Calls for the Commission to widen its ambit beyond a contained mandate are no more than an attempt to distract from the emphasis on the perpetrators of state capture, a phenomenon now well recognised and rejected by all South Africans of integrity. Equating law-abiding businesses with criminal and corrupt elements colluding with the State is objectionable, misplaced and without foundation.

Chairman Jabu Mabuza said: “We believe that the inquiry should be confined to urgent matters raised in the Public Protector’s State of Capture Report. The suggestion that the inquiry be broadened is a transparent attempt to divert attention from those who manipulate politicians, government employees and organs of state for their own ends. It is in the interest of all law abiding South Africans that the Commission start its work immediately, armed with all the necessary resources at its disposal, in a focused way, to address the various allegations of state capture.”