Supporting Whistleblowers

BLSA is committed to minimising the instances of criminality and corruption in the private and public sectors.

Considering the critical role of whistleblowers in combatting corruption, BLSA is proud to be a supporter of The Whistleblower House, an entity dedicate to the protection and support of whistleblowers.

Reform of State Owned Enterprises

BLSA supports the work of the Presidential SOE Council (PSEC) in collaboration with the Technical Assistance Mentorship Development (TAMDEV) programme of the National Business Initiative (NBI).

The programme contracts suitably qualified retired professionals to provide expertise to government from the private sector.The ultimate objective of supporting the Presidential SOE Council is to advance the SOE reform process with a view to ultimately improving government’s service delivery and South Africa’s fiscal (macroeconomic) position.

Furthering the reform agenda

BLSA partners with Operation Vulindlela (OV), a joint programme of The Presidency and National Treasury to expedite implementation of pro-growth structural reforms to the benefit of the broader South African political economy.

BLSA assists OV through providing technical expertise on an “arms-length” basis to OV in support of its pro-growth reform agenda.

National Business Initiative TAMDEV

The Technical Assistance Mentorship Development (TAMDEV) programme, anchored by NBI, is a collaboration between Government and Business.

It aims to deploy appropriate, retired expertise and technical skills, from both the private and public sector to assist in the improvement of service delivery by participating in the execution and support of potential solutions with the aim to strengthen public institutions and address service delivery constraints.