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The race debate over new Eskom CEO is all wrong,

The conversation and polarising debate around the recently announced new chief executive of Eskom was all wrong, Business Leadership South Africa’s Busisiwe Mavuso said on Tuesday night.

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20 November 2019

Amid the hundreds of billions in pledges, Ramaphosa still has

Unless the big issues are addressed, many may continue viewing events like the investment conference simply as mere talk shops.

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16 November 2019

BLSA CEO discusses corruption and accountability in business

The panel of experts on eNCA continued to discuss accountability and corruption in business.

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30 September 2019

Business can’t ignore pleas of women who fear to walk

The lack of equality in our own private living rooms in a climate of low growth and confidence levels has played itself out in a rising tide of femicide

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25 September 2019

BLSA condemns gender-based violence

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18 September 2019

South Africa Lacks Discipline, says BLSA CEO

Mavuso says South Africa lacks discipline and the political leadership is not helping the country to move forward.

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11 September 2019

Pension-grab plan ‘unjust and wrong’

Through its BLSA Connect initiative launched in March, the association was working to link black-owned SMMEs with the supply chains of big business.

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09 September 2019

Politics are not assisting the continent in moving forward, says

Mavuso says youth unemployment, poor economic growth in the country and the continent is as a result of poor political leadership.

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05 September 2019

Cabinet must forget squabbles and back the Mboweni plan

The government needs to ensure its departments align themselves in a way that boosts investor confidence

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04 September 2019

Kick-starting the economy is an urgent but delicate matter

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07 April 2020

Unpacking COVID-19 business response and SA’s downgrading

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06 April 2020

A deepening jobless crisis looms

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02 April 2020

The guillotine falls … can we turn it around?

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31 March 2020

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