Vision & Mission

#BusinessBelieves in South Africa. Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA) is the organisation through which we not only express this belief but take action to create a more prosperous and inclusive South Africa.

We are an independent association whose members include the leaders of some of South Africa’s biggest and most well-known organisations. Through this forum, South Africa’s business leaders engage key players in South African society, including civil society and labour, to exchange ideas in our national interest, and to create effective dialogue with government and other stakeholders.

As an organisation we are focussing on three core activities, which combined with our contract with South Africa, will help to facilitate a better and inclusive South Africa in the future.

  • Advancing a modern, inclusive and growing economy;
  • Upholding the Constitution and protecting the integrity of the state; and
  • Demonstrating that business is a national asset, and is central in addressing poverty, unemployment, economic injustice, workplace transformation and racism.

Our focus areas:



#BusinessBelieves that when business succeeds, South Africa succeeds. Therefore our primary purpose is to help build a strong business environment.

We will do this by harnessing the resources and capabilities of business in partnership with government and civil society to deliver economic growth, transformation and inclusion so that we can create a South Africa of increasing prosperity for all. #BusinessBelieves the solution for South Africa’s success is job creation, transformation and economic growth. To support our nation’s achievement of this goal, business commits to a contract with South Africa.

We will do all we can to:

Create jobs by growing the economy
Between 1993 and 2015, South Africa’s private sector created 2.65 million jobs (Source: World Bank). Our aim is to create even more jobs.

Encourage and empower senior black leadership
Ultimately, the best way to close the opportunity gap is to invest in more businesses owned, run by and employing black South Africans. We pledge to grow a new generation of black business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Invest in South Africans
South Africa can only meet the challenges of the future with a highly-skilled workforce. We will train South African managers and workers for the challenges ahead.

Invest in communities
Business owes it to South Africans to do more to ensure the communities in which it operates thrive and prosper.

Support small businesses
They should be the lifeblood of our economy but too often they struggle. It is our duty to help them succeed by financing new businesses, training and mentoring entrepreneurs for success.

Condemn and root out corruption
Corruption and state capture are the cancers that are eating away at our society. They must be rooted out, crushed and punished where we find them in the public or private sector.