Adrian Enthoven

Adrian Enthoven

Director: BLSA

Q: Why do you feel the defending and strengthening of key state institutions is vital for our democracy?

A: “The constitution is the foundation of our society and economy, and is the embodiment of our social contract. When our state institutions are captured and used to enable the theft of public resources, the credibility and legitimacy of the state is undermined and the rule of law is compromised. The weakening and capture of our state institutions is a fundamental betrayal of our democracy, results in a dysfunctional state and destroys the economy. If we are not successful in defending our democracy, our constitution and the independence of our state institutions, there will be nothing left to defend.”

Dr Adrian Enthoven is executive chairman of  Yellowwoods, a European- based private investment group. He is responsible for its African portfolio of financial services, hospitality and wine investments. He serves on the boards of the group’s South African-based businesses, including chairing the Hollard Insurance Group.

He is also involved in various projects and initiatives in youth employment, education, social justice and the arts. He is a board member of Citizens ZA, the African Leadership Initiative (chair) and Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA), and a trustee of WWF South Africa. He is a member of the advisory boards of MISTRA, CASAC and the CDE, and an ambassador of the Social Justice Initiative.

He was educated at Michaelhouse School and at Oxford University (BA Hons in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, and PhD in Political Science). He is married with four children.